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Pine Cliffs Resort has been developing several measures to promote better ecological practices that show our respect and responsibility, namely in the areas of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and social responsibility.


Main practices for environmental sustainability:

  • Responsible for the recycling of all waste produced, which means separating everything correctly before sending it to the local collection service;
  • The waste from the gardens and golf course is used for composting;
  • Every year we reduce our consumption of energy, water, gas and CO2 emissions;
  • We have programmes for donating food and materials to institutions as a sustainability policy.
  • Several points of waste collection on-site which separate materials, both for guests and visitors;
  • Allow guests to choose if they want their bath towels and bed sheets to be changed or not;
  • Acquire paper from companies with environmental policies;
  • Provide and promote the use of bicycles and Segways in the resort;
  • In 2019 we end the consumption of plastic straws;
  • Replacement of all diesel-powered buggies to new electric versions;
  • Instalment of several electric chargers in the resort to promote the use of electric vehicles;
  • Gardens and golf courses exclusively watered with water from holes;
  • Flushing the toilets never exceeds 6 liters of water;
  • All water taps have flow limiters, in order to reduce water waste.
  • Our air-conditioning system is able to use the outside temperature to air-condition the building;
  • With the refurbishment of the Hotel in 2016, all lighting switched to LED technology;

International Green Key Award 2023


Pine Cliffs Resort has been awarded with the International Green Key 2023 Award.
This award is part of the "Green Key" program that aims to promote sustainable tourism in Portugal through the recognition of different tourist facilities that undertake good environmental and social practices, enhance environmental management and promote environmental education for sustainability. This initiative is under the responsibility of the "Foundation for Environmental Education" (FEE), based in Denmark, and is coordinated in Portugal by the European Blue Flag Association (ABAE) with the support of various national public and private entities.
Find out more about the "Green Key".

New charging points for your car!

We are ready to welcome you and your electric car too!
We have various electric vehicle charging points around our resort. You can find them in the Pine Cliffs Hotel car park, in the Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites and next to Pine Cliffs House.

Main practices for energy efficiency:

  • Air conditioning system with reuse of the outside temperature to control the temperature indoors;
  • Monthly monitoring tools for CO² emissions, with the aim of reducing these values;
  • There are multiple on-going projects to implement systems that produce renewable energy (auto-consumption);
  •  Climatization system with dynamic temperature set points depending on the time of year;
  • Use of LED lamps in the resort;
  • All public illumination is controlled by sensors or GTC;
  • Air treatment equipment with recuperator of heat;

Main practices for social responsibility:

  • Integrate a social project developed by United Investments Portugal - Somos Mais - that aims to benefit social entities;
  • Food, clothing and equipment donation programs;
  • Take part in ‘Earth Hour’, the world's largest grassroots movement for the environment;
  • Information about better ecological practices across all digital platforms, so that the guests can take part of this eco-friendly initiatives;
  • The Pine Cliffs mobile application allows guests to explore the Resort, and access newspapers and magazines online, without spending paper.